One of the most important home appliances you can have in your home is a water filter. Water filters basically make your water better to drink. Depending on the type, a water filter can reduce and even completely remove potentially dangerous materials, bacteria and an over-abundance of certain minerals. These home water filters can also make the water look clearer, get rid of bad odors and make the water taste better. Water is one of the most important things we put in our bodies so it is important that is safe to drink. You are more likely to drink more water if it tastes, smells and looks good.

There are a number of different type of how water filters and water filtration systems. The first type I will talk about is the water pitcher. These pitchers have a filter built in and the water goes through it and into the pitcher. You can leave it at room temperature and place in the fridge. These pitchers are very affordable and last quite a while but the filter cartridges do need to be replaced every so often. The next type of filter is the one that goes directly on the faucet. These cost a little more but are more effective at cleaning the water. When used for drinking, these filters make the water look, taste and smell better but also make the water safer to drink. When placed in the shower, these filters can promote clearer skin and softer, more manageable hair especially if your area is prone to hard water. Filtration systems are something a bit different and are basically a machine that hooks up to your water system. These are the most effective at cleaning the water and, although they cost more money, they last a lot longer.

Water pitcher filters are mostly available at grocery stores in the water and juice aisle. They can also be found in some drug stores. The faucet filters and filtration systems are more likely to be found in hardware stores in the house-wares section or in some department stores. The pitcher filters and faucet filters are very easy to use and install but the filtration system may require some extra help to initially get it set up. The store where you buy it will be able to provide this assistance or guide you on where to seek it.

So if your water looks yellow, has a funny taste or leave your hair and skin flaky and dull, you may want to invest in some sort of water filtration and as you can see, home water filters come in many forms and can be found in stores near you.