Coming across the tiniest amount of mold anywhere in the house is never a good thing, especially from water damage. The good thing though, is that a single black spot will not be enough to cause you to become sick. However, it is still a good idea to know how to eliminate the threat altogether before it has a change to spread. If you have a large problem, you may want to look into a Phoenix water damage restoration company to help fix your problem.

The sooner you notice it the faster you can take the steps to kill and remove it. Besides spreading to other pats of the home, it can also easily coat the belongings that decorate the home o can even spark allergies to flare up. By maintaining a dry environment, you will be able to eliminate any possible mold from entering your home and causing unwanted havoc. However, if you are at the point of finding mold, then you need to know how to remove it permanently.

Eliminating Mold from the Bathroom

In the bathroom, the gout and tile within the shower is the main hot spot for any mold. This is due to the amount of moisture in the air and it drenching the tile with condensation. The good thing though is that it can be removed easily with a simple cleaner or bleach solution.

To remove mold from the grout.

• Soak the area with the cleaning solution and let it stand, then rinse with clean water. Depending on how long you have cleaned the gout before, you may not have to wait long to see the mold is dead and eliminated.

Eliminating shower curtain mold

• Using a mold spay can be applied to the curtain and just let it soak in. When you no longer see the mold, just rinse and dry the curtain.
• You can also remove the shower curtain and throw it in the washing machine. Make sure that the cycle is delicate and the water is warm with both bleach and laundry soap.

Eliminating Mold From a ceiling or a wall

If you have a porous ceiling or wall with mold, then it is best just to change it out with new material. When you notice mold on a plaster or sheetrock, then you can easily eliminate it as soon as you notice it by doing the following:

• Wash the area with soapy water with a brush and allow to fully dry.
• Once washed, apply a bleach mixture to the affected spot.
• Allow the bleach mixture to sit, then rub thoroughly and rinse with clean water.

Eliminating Fabric Mold

If you have eve forgotten about you dirty gym clothes or towel, then you should be well aware of the mold that could be looking from within. When you first notice the mold you should take the following action to eliminate it:

• Take the clothing items outside and remove the mold using a bush. This will help keep the spores outside and not in the house.
• For washable fabric, fist let a detergent soak in and then wash in hot water with bleach.
• You can also have the items dry cleaned if machine washing is not an option.

Eliminating Wood Mold

The kitchen can easily see mold growth on wood cabinets due to humidity from the dishwasher o as you ae boiling on the stove. This is caused by the lack of ventilation. Besides the kitchen cabinets, furniture made of wood could also be stuck by mold if the environment is humid and little ventilation. In ode to have the mold eliminated, take the following action:

• Using a HEPA filter, vacuum out the pores and give a gentle scrub to the wood.
• Next, apply a mixture of dish soap/water. Make sure the area is wet enough to just remove the mold.
• You will then want to wipe the wood dry so that no moisture remains.

What Measures to take to prevent the growth of mold

The EPA has made it known that one cannot remove 100% of the mold spores from any environment. The only known way to control it is by eliminating the amount of moisture in the environment. So even if an area has been cleaned but the environment is still humid, then you can expect the mold to return. In ode to control the growth of mold, the amount of humidity should not be more than 50%.

With that said, being able to prevent mold growth is the only true manner in which to eliminate it. So once the excess moisture is out, you can then have an environment where mold will not be able to thrive. You can achieve that with the following methods:

• Conduct yearly grout sealing in the bathroom tile. You will be able to keep the tile waterproof.
• Bing in dehumidifiers and set throughout the home. These will keep the humidity below the level for which mold grows which is less than 50%